MaxSAT Evaluations
Evaluating the State of the Art in Maximum Satisfiability Solver Technology

The MaxSAT Evaluations focus on the evaluation of the current state-of-the-art in open-source solver implementations for the Boolean optimization paradigm of Maximum satisfiability (MaxSAT).

The main goals of the MaxSAT Evaluation series are

  1. to assess the state of the art in the field of MaxSAT solvers,
  2. to collect and re-distribute a heterogeneous MaxSAT benchmark set for further scientific evaluations, and
  3. to promote MaxSAT as a viable option for solving instances of a wide range of NP-hard optimization problems.

Each year, the MaxSAT Evaluations welcome contributes of two types from the community at large:

  1. New MaxSAT benchmarks encoding instances of interesting NP-hard optimization problems, and
  2. implementations of MaxSAT solvers that will be evaluated on a heterogeneous collection of benchmarks.