MaxSAT Evaluation 2022
Affiliated with SAT 2022   ·   August 2-5   ·   Haifa, Israel


    • Final results, solvers, benchmarks, solver and benchmark descriptions and slides of the MSE presentation given at SAT'22 are available.
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    • May 11: The deadline for submitting solvers and benchmarks has been extended to June 7.
    • March 18: IPAMIR has been updated, please download the latest version of the IPAMIR repository. Especially note that the return codes for ipamir_solve() have been fixed to be analogous to IPASIR.
    • New for this year:
      • Changes in the WCNF input format:
        The changes (hard clauses marked with "h" + removal of the p-line) will require minor modifications to existing solvers!
        For more details see the evaluation rules for input format.
      • New special track: Incremental Track on incremental MaxSAT.
    • Deadline for submitting solvers and benchmarks: June 7.

    About MSE 2022

    The 2022 MaxSAT Evaluation (MSE 2022) is the 17th edition of MaxSAT evaluations, the primary competition-style event focusing on the evaluation of MaxSAT solvers organized yearly since 2006.

    The main goals of MaxSAT Evaluation 2022 are

    1. to assess the state of the art in the field of MaxSAT solvers,
    2. to collect and re-distribute a heterogeneous MaxSAT benchmark set for further scientific evaluations, and
    3. to promote MaxSAT as a viable option for solving instances of a wide range of NP-hard optimization problems.

    MSE 2022 welcomes contributions of two types from the community at large:

    1. New MaxSAT benchmarks encoding instances of interesting NP-hard optimization problems, and
    2. implementations of MaxSAT solvers that will be evaluated within MSE 2022 on a heterogeneous collection of benchmarks.

    MSE 2022 is run as a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University (USA), University of Helsinki (Finland), and University of Toronto (Canada).